A tool that can help you add a level of security to your PDF documents by adding passwords that would restrict full access or impose file permissions

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Sometimes, you can tell how popular and widespread is a file format just by noticing how many applications are developed in order to manage it. The PDF format is a leader when it comes down to user base numbers, thus making it an easy target for software developers. One such example isΒ Cigati PDF Protect Tool, an uncomplicated utility that helps you protect PDF files by locking their contents behind a password.

Add protection in batches

For some users, securing only a single file may seem sluggish and time-consuming, depending on the number of documents waiting in line. Luckily, the app is capable to batch protect PDFs by allowing you to load multiple files at once, or even an entire folder. This way, Cigati PDF Protect Tool appeals to both occasional and regular users.

Metadata info and encryption algorithms

If you choose to process a single file, the app displays a tab that details the PDFs metadata β€” information about the author, subject, title, size, etc. This aspect is not available for the batch function.

No matter the method you choose, the Security Settings panel will pop up. From there you can select the encryption level (40 Bit, 128, and 256 RC4/AES), and set a user and owner passwords.

User and owner password

In case you wonder about why there are two types of passwords, well that’s very simple. The user combination locks the document’s content behind a blank screen, and without that combo, nobody can peek inside. The owner password on the other hand doesn’t shield the contents away but instead lets you decide what file permission the output item will have. For example, you can choose to allow/restrict a user’s capability to modify, print, or extract anything from inside the PDF.

To sum it up, if you are worried about your PDFs security, you can always rely on Cigati PDF Protect Tool to add that strong level of protection. But if you are thinking that this tool doesn’t have enough features to cover all your needs, maybe this can be of greater help.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cigati PDF Protect Tool and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚