A popup dictionary that runs silently in the system tray, displaying the translation of an English word into Sinhala and displaying the grammar form

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English Sinhala Popup Dictionary is a straightforward application designed for Sinhala speakers who want to learn English. This software utility is merely a learning helper that can assist students in learning new words in English as they are navigating online, in an easy and pleasant manner.

There is no standard interface of English Sinhala Popup Dictionary, as the application runs silently in the system tray. There is a context menu that is revealed if users right-click on the tray icon, a menu that enables them to hide and show the popup dictionary and exit the application. These are the only available options so there is nothing complicated about working with English Sinhala Popup Dictionary.

As its name suggests, this utility provides a popup dictionary, which means it displays a popup window near the tray area, a popup window that contains the translation in Sinhala of an English word users selected with their mouse cursor.

Therefore, if users happen to read online articles in English or work in various applications and stumble upon words that are not familiar to them, they simply have to select a particular word and the popup dictionary of this application will reveal the Sinhala correspondent. The explanation includes the definition of the English word in Sinhala.

System requirements


We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used English Sinhala Popup Dictionary and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂