Designed for those who use the ETAC programming language, this application can make use of text templates to generate ready-to-use source code

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Designed as a helper tool for those who use the ETAC programming language, the ETAC Code Generator can help them generate ready-to-use code snippets based on a text template. In other words, users can save a lot of time by creating a template for their code snippet, then specifying the desired arguments and using ETAC Code Generator to create the final code snippet, having all the gaps filled.

Includes various example template files 

The ETAC Code Generator uses a no-menus window as an interface where all the input parameters are entered. Basically, there is nothing more to it than this one-window GUI that allows the programmer to select the template file, the location, and the name of the output text file, along with the template arguments

The package comes with a few example templates that allow ETAC adopters to test the capabilities of the code generator. There is a template source file for users to play with, a template for the ETAC interpreter, a source file for an external TAC library, a data file registration entry file, and even templates for creating executable files and ZIP self-extractors. This should be enough for users to take the code generator for a spin.

Enter user-defined arguments to customize the template 

ETAC Code Generator displays the keyword-argument syntax in the loaded template file and enables users to specify all the custom arguments that will be replaced in the template. To put it another way, all the special symbols in each line of the template are automatically replaced by the user-defined arguments.

The commands in the loaded file can be easily modified as the template is being processed. Moreover, ETAC scripts can be used for editing the text lines.  There are also additional logging options that enable you to choose whether to create a log file or not and, if yes, set its location.

A side software utility for ETAC users 

The ETAC Code Generator is an accompanying tool for ETAC users designed to make working with ETAC easier. The package also includes the source code of the code generator and an executable standalone application, along with a generous set of examples to help users get started.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ETAC Code Generator and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂