Avoid being scammed when buying online goods from known retailers by using this extension’s smart buyer grading and analysis system

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If you like purchasing various products online from numerous retailers such as eBay or Amazon, it’s hard to tell if the one selling you a certain product is indeed offering you a bargain or is trying to scam you, steal your money and cause lots of frustration. Fakespot for Chrome aims to create a way to analyze the credibility of certain online sellers, offering you a glimpse of how trustworthy a retailer is.

Rating system

When browsing for ceratin products, once the extension is installed, you’ll get instant ratings on your browsed pages detailing how other purchases from the very same seller went. These ratings are expressed as grades and are color-coded. Green is alright while red is to be avoided. An “A” rating is always a good omen. Anything below that and you’ll be risking a little to a lot, depending on the grade and coloring. While there are chances of still being scammed, the extension does do its job accordingly by informing you of the risk you might have to deal with.

Create an account

You can also create an account if you want to have further ways of checking a seller’s level of trustworthiness. The extension won’t allow you to conduct a Fakespot Analysis unless you visit the website service to which it will link quite easily. Submit your product for research, and observe as the service begins to scan for any information on the seller. A verdict will be shown, almost like in the case of AV programs.

As for the supported retailers, there are plenty, amongst which the most prominent are: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and even Sephora. Be warned though, the extension is centered around US-based e-commerce retailers. Each retailer mentioned above comes with a set of particular settings. Turn of ratings on some or all retailer pages. Show only big grades on any of the pages. Show the grades on product images. Replace retailer rating with a Fakespot one.

Thus, Fakespot for Chrome is an extension worth grabbing if you often find yourself buying stuff from online retailers and are afraid to risk too much and end up scammed. With its rating system and analysis algorithm, you’re bound to avoid shady deals and profit from real bargains without any headaches.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Fakespot for Chrome and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂