Due to this user-friendly application, you can easily stop a running process, with or without force, by simply selecting it from a list

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When working with several programs at the same time, you might sometimes have a hard time terminating some processes, as it just hangs without allowing you to end its associated app the traditional way.

ForceEnd is one of the utilities that can provide you with a solution to this problem, as it can force the process to close.

User-friendly appearance

The graphical interface of ForceEnd is minimalist, without any frills or fancy menus that could distract you from its functionality.

In other words, even users who have little PC skills can still understand which buttons they need to press to quickly terminate some stubborn process.

Explore list of running processes

When you open the main window of ForceEnd, you can browse through a list of all running processes until you find the one you need. You can sort the list alphabetically to help you find the process faster and easier.

Alternatively, you can explore the list of newly started processes to look for your process of interest.

Enter the process name manually

You have another option for finding the process you want to terminate: you can manually enter its name in the dedicated field.

Regardless of the method you choose, you can select the termination type: you can kill the process by force or by brute force, if the first method fails.

Furthermore, you can adjust the speed for the application core to ensure it does not affect the overall performance of your computer.

You can also set the main window of the app to be placed on top of all the other windows, so you can easily access it no matter how many other programs you have opened.

All in all, ForceEnd can help you kill any process you choose, even if it is currently frozen or suspended.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ForceEnd and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂