This nimble Chrome extension will enable you to perform advanced website data extraction, thanks to a specialized selector feature

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Sifting through websites when trying to identify particular details or, more so, extract certain details, can be a real “rollercoaster ride”, regardless if you’re a professional at work, or an avid data hoarder. Free Data Collector for Chrome will enable you to integrate your website data grabbing scheme into your Google browser, making the task easier, thanks to purpose-fit selection tools and an Excel-format output, which is easy to work with.

Create a free account in order to access the main interface and start extracting website data

Before actually using the extension, users will need to create a free account, and a really comprehensive guide for doing so is provided. Having done that, all that one needs to do is open one or multiple websites in an instance of Chrome.

Initializing the extension will then offer a view of all the opened tabs, allowing one to select which website to be processed. However, besides the title of each tab, not much other information is provided for each.

Detailed selector tool that offers an ample degree of leniency in terms of preferred selection methods and contents

By far, the most impressive feature provided by the extension is its advanced content selector, which basically lets one choose what to be extracted from a website. Both a structured and a random initial classification is provided, as well as detailed, subsequent options.

Tables, bullets, paragraphs, blocks, and more, are just some of the various selectable item classes. Having chosen one, it will be automatically written to the Excel interface provided by the extension. From thereon, it’s just a matter of simply exporting the said file.

Highly useful Chrome extension that can help you fine-tune your website data extraction process

Free Data Collector for Chrome addresses those who require an intuitive solution for selecting and extracting data from websites, and it offers a highly malleable toolset for doing so.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Free Data Collector for Chrome and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂