Use this fantastic organizer application to keep track of your food stocks as well as any other related errand you might have to complete

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Keeping track of your household items can be most troublesome these days. Why? Because we’ve got so much on our plate and so little time to organize things. Grocy is a web-based application that offers users almost endless possibilities for organizing the food in their homes, the needs a household has when it comes to eatable produce, and tasks associated with shopping and acquiring items for your home. Grocy-desktop aims to bring that application closer to users, by offering a desktop GUI version.

Why grocy on my desktop?

The strongest point for having grocy as a desktop app would be ease of access. No need to navigate to any internet address. Just launch the application, and start editing your tasks, your shopping lists, your food stocks, and so on. Keep an eye on expiry dates, and immediately add items to your shopping list that have passed their due date. Slowly work your way up to the recipe corner, where you simply have to add the ingredients you want to use, and the app will tell you what you have and what you need to acquire.

Less clutter on the internet

This desktop GUI does a wonderful job of transferring all the web app functionality. In fact, it seems as if you’re dealing with the same identical system and values. Back up every new piece of information you add to your sessions. Don’t waste time retracing your steps when you can load older backups to check certain items you might have missed in your shopping sprees. Grocy is so much more than a simple household-managing application. It’s the nervous system of your home-planning, and the GUI desktop version manages to keep that feeling and transfer it into its own existence.

While grocy-desktop is nothing more than a frontend for a web app, the fact that it manages to keep the originality of the online program so well makes it worth taking into consideration in moments when household planning is either going slow or is simply impossible to tame.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used grocy-desktop and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂