A clever tool that lest you manage the audio features of installed applications as well as assigning shortcuts for system actions to a MIDI controller

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MIDI Mixer is a neat tool that provides you enhanced control over the Windows audio segment by allowing you to take control of applications through a MIDI controller, no matter the brand. Furthermore, the application offer support for AutoHotkey scripts, so you can use your controller to execute various system actions.

With the help of a MIDI controller, any application managed with this tool can be quickly muted or its volume can be easily changed, without having to access that app’s UI or causing whatever you have going on.

After an application was assigned to MIDI Mixer, one should be able to sync the buttons of the controller with actions like play, pause, stop, etc. Also, you can set programs to open or use certain buttons to run AHK scripts, meaning that you can execute multiple commands which are not necessarily linked to audio tasks.

Furthermore, the utility sports a custom profile builder that can come in handy for device mapping.

All in all, if you look to simplify the way you manage an audio application, MIDI mixer can give you a helping hand, especially since it can go out of bounds by allowing you to execute other unrelated tasks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MIDI Mixer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂