This minimalist MIDI processor will enable you to perform merging, splitting, or filtering operations, all whilst mapping the ports in their real configuration

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Working with MIDI controllers on multiple channels can pose serious challenges, especially when it comes to splitting or merging the signal. Not to mention the hassle of adequately linking the same signal traces to any accompanying software, in order to achieve better control over the physical equipment.

MIDI Patchbay is a specialized application that was developed specifically in order to provide users with a series of tools for working with the signal to and from their MIDI device, through means of splitting, merging, or applying filters, in accordance to their characteristic requirements.

Built around an 8 by 8 MIDI interface, the controller will allow one to map all MIDI ports, regardless if we’re talking about the virtual or actual, physical ones, on the audio equipment. Furthermore, through the mapping process, users will basically route the signal to the application’s actual, internal input, and outputs.

Offering a visual analog of a physical controller, MIDI Patchbay is equipped with a series of 16 controls, 8 for the inputs and 8 for the outputs, as well as dedicated commands for controlling pitch, magnitude, and other relevant parameters. Last but not least, 65 patch positions result from the provided matrix, offering users a wide range of possibilities.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MIDI Patchbay and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂