Send MIDI commands directly from your computer’s keyboard with the help of this straightforward and lightweight free application

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MidiKey2Key is a simple yet efficient, little utility that allows users to turn any MIDI-related event into a keyboard-operated action. It can also be used to start any program or command on your computer.

To run the application, users need to ensure that .NET Framework 4.0 or higher is present on their computers and that a connected MIDI device. Other than that, the installation process is pretty straightforward.

The app allows users to send any keyboard combination and, as mentioned, it also allows them to start any application or run any batch file. It can also be used as a simple MIDI monitor for analyzing MIDI events.

Other interesting features include support for Native Train-simulator, which means that it can listen and light the LEDs of any MIDI controller on events of Train Simulator, as well as a built-in AKAI APCmini editor (useful for controlling the LEDs)

MidiKey2Key is a straightforward application, an aspect perfectly described by its no-nonsense GUI. From the GUI, users can choose any of the connected MIDI devices, both for input and out, as well as edit and test various actions.

From the bottom part of the GUI, users can tweak various monitoring settings. For example, they can enable or disable various channel listeners, as well as activate settings such as “Listen to SysEx” and “Log to File.”

For more information, users can refer to the app’s official website which has dedicated FAQ and Forum sections.

System requirements

  • MIDI-device connected to USB or MIDI-device connected via a MIDI-PC-interface
  • 300 KB free space

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MidiKey2Key and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂