A miniature playback controller for Spotify that allows you to quickly pause the music or jump to the next or previous song much easier

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rhiimoot is a tiny yet sleek application that makes it possible for you to manage the playback in Spotify using a small dedicated controller, rather than the large window of the player. Not only that it saves a lot of working space on the desktop, making it less cluttered, but it also avoids accidental ad clicks. Furthermore, it contributes to a distraction-free working environment, as you will not be tempted to waste time opening the Spotify window just to pause the music or skip a song you don’t enjoy.

A desktop Spotify controller 

No installation is required, meaning rhiimoot is ready to use. As soon as it is started, the application takes over Spotify, minimizing it to get a clean desktop, not allowing the player to interfere with your work. Credentials are not required for the application to connect to Spotify. 

You can get the Spotify window back on the desktop with the click of a button. The third control button, to be more specific, entitled “release Spotify”. The Spotify window is also brought back in focus when closing rhiimoot.

The small desktop controller is particularly handy when listening to an album or a playlist. Its small window comprises basic controls that allow you to pause and resume playback, as well as buttons for jumping to the next and the previous song.

Built-in cache and other customization settings  

One interesting feature of rhiimoot is that it comes with a built-in cache, which allows it to download the needed data from online when listening to a song and saving it locally in case you want to listen to the same song later. This helps it reduce the needed data traffic for playing songs via Spotify and lower the amount of data saved to the hard disk. A cache cleaning function is available, so as to delete the collected data periodically.

There are a few additional settings rhiimoot comes with. It features a few themes to change its default appearance, options to toggle OSD on or off, a VU-meter, and a built-in sleep timer, which can be configured to close Spotify after a period of time.

A clever way to control Spotify 

rhiimoot‘s window is small and it only comprises the key controls for Spotify. It is a handy software utility to accompany Spotify, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes without having to navigate through your playlists with the large Spotify window.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used rhiimoot and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂