Make sure that your writing is top-notch, with help from this assistant add-on that will perform grammar and spell checks for you

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Spellchecking can play a very important role when working with texts, be it that you’re composing, reviewing, or even correcting text strings. There are numerous browser extensions that offer such functionality, some basic, some more complex, with various features. Sapling for Firefox will provide users with a highly versatile grammar checking assistant, which offers a dedicated text editor that can be toggled whenever required, in order to perform text checks.

Install the extension, create an account, and you’re ready to perform some spellchecking

Before proceeding to work with the extension, users will be required to create an account, in order to be able to access the custom features that refer to the dictionary, snippets, or errors.

The extension’s main working principle relies on a dedicated text editor, which contains a built-in spellchecker, an editor which can be brought-up whenever it is required, regardless of the website that users are currently on.

User-defined dictionary entries, coupled with snipped deployment, but unreliable functionality on certain websites

One feature offered by the extension (although almost standard by today’s requirements in spellcheckers) is the built-in dictionary, which can be filled with custom terms, defined by users, in accordance to their specific needs.

However, although the extension is meant to provide spellchecking for all the text-input areas present on a website, this was not the case during our tests; we noticed that only on certain websites this functionality was actually available, without being able to draw a conclusion as to why this happened.

Good grammar checker assistant that can be of great use when composing or verifying text online

If you’re looking for an accessible extension that can help you perform spellchecks for your text inputs, Sapling for Firefox could certainly fill those shoes decently. Packed with a built-in dictionary and other useful features, it manages to offer a good balance between form and function, although, reliability-wise, it can present instances with lack of function, especially for the website-input text checker.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sapling for Firefox and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂