Use this application to sort and have ready at your disposal pictures and emotes you might want to share with your friends and loved ones

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If you’re one of the joker types who likes to laugh and be funny at home or even at work, teamotes might be just the addition of your life needs. This application, as simple as it might be, will allow any user to add photos or images to a sort of clipboard, in order to be easier to access when chatting with your mates. The principle behind it is simple, as are its interface and structure.

Create your own emotes

While the app does not offer any type of emote editor, which means you’ll have to have those already prepared in a folder, it does provide a way to sift and sort through your funny pics and an equally easy way to spread the fun around. The database it creates will allow you to find your images in seconds. It even offers variations of size for the same image, in case you want to use a smaller or bigger version. The database will require you to add a custom name to each particular image. You’ll even get usage stats for any of the emotes. Decide how many emotes you want to have displayed at one time — 50, 100, or 150.

One path only for your emotes

Now, the biggest problem with this app is it won’t allow you to import from multiple sources. You’ll have to keep adding new images to the same directory. Once your database gets crowded, and a thorough clean is needed, you can hit the reset button in the settings menu. That should wipe the slate clean and allow you to restart your emote collection. In addition to all these features, one can also make use of keyboard shortcuts to execute various commands such as: Search (Shift+7), Copy (Enter), Change emote size (Arrowup and down), and Select (Tab).

teamotes is an application that won’t revolutionize the way you use the internet or chat rooms and so on. It doesn’t offer breathtaking features to the table, but it manages to bring a little more order in the life of emoting users as it offers a way to centralize your funny pics and fast means of dissemination.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used teamotes and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂