A lightweight batch PDF merge application that helps you quickly combine multiple PDF files into one document and add a password

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When you want to join several PDF files into a single document you need to rely on dedicated software solutions, such as Vulcan PDF Merge.

User-friendly GUI

The appearance of this utility was designed to encourage even inexperienced users to combine several of their PDF files into a single one.

You need to start by selecting the source files, then change their order by dragging and dropping them around the list to the positions you prefer.

You can also change the default output folder to a directory of your liking.

Protect resulting PDF with password

Vulcan PDF Merge offers you the possibility to protect the contents of your newly generated document with a password. Similarly, you can assign a password that will be required every time someone wishes to edit the file.

Unfortunately, you get no indication regarding the password strength, nor do you receive any tips and tricks on how to improve the overall strength of your chosen password.

Restrict PDF printing and editing

You can go one step further in protecting your PDF by imposing some restrictions in the file’s permissions.

As such, you can prevent high-quality printing (only 150 dpi is left) or you can disable printing altogether.

Additionally, you can ensure that those who open the PDF file are not allowed to perform any changes. You can disable inserting, deleting or rotating data, as well as commenting, filing and signing.

It goes without saying that you if you don’t need these restrictions, you can choose not to enforce them.


To summarize, Vulcan PDF Merge is a nifty utility that you can rely on to effortlessly combine your PDF files in no time. You can even save the current file list and import it within the app at a later time.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Vulcan PDF Merge and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂