Manage Instagram content with a super-useful Chrome extension that lets you download pictures, videos, and stories, individually or in bulk, and offers additional tools for handling your content a lot easier

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Downloader for Instagram is a great addition to your Chrome browser, as it helps save pictures, stories, and videos, without altered quality. Moreover, the extension is lightweight and helps download content in bulk.

Complex functionalities in a small-packed add-on

Downloader for Instagram is a free resource that offers a lot of benefits and has super-intuitive commands. The extension adds a download button on all your media so you can download these files individually or in bulk. Another super-important characteristic of this process is the fact that you get to save files at their original quality. Of course, a platform like Instagram will change the resolution of the original picture to fit their standard, but that is not the extension’s liability.

The Chrome add-on will only download JPG images and will allow uploading (on your profile) the same format. Once again, it is a restriction imposed by the Instagram standard that supports only these types of files. Additionally, Downloader for Instagram will permit uploading pictures from other websites and adding video controllers on all clips you see on Instagram (even if they are not IGTV content). Plus, it lets you open your current tab in the mobile view, navigate stories in a separate window, and download posts in a given range (e.g. from profile X, download all posts from 3 to 44).

Use cases for this browser enhancer

The Chrome extension is super useful for many users and can be installed by both professionals and people who browse Instagram for fun. For example, as a marketer or social media specialist, you must consider Instagram’s huge exposure. Often, you will find yourself in need of saving content to make storyboards, presentations, or market analysis. If you follow certain brands and are doing research, of course, you should use a tool that allows saving content for later examination.

As a non-professional Instagram user, you probably see a lot of things you fancy or would like to revisit. From interesting pictures related to your passions to text posts with useful advice, now you can save them all and create your own categories or libraries. Using Downloader for Instagram, you get to keep all your favorite things.

All in all, this Chrome enhancer is a complex and simple way of downloading content. It is straightforward, free, and will save you a lot of time.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Downloader for Instagram and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂