Find and access markdown files on your local computer, including the stashed ones, from a sleek terminal interface using this application

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Glow is a tiny tool that acts as a file viewer or reader for documents written with markdown. The program can come in handy for those who store dozens of markdown files and are having a hard time finding the right one.

It supports stashing and can be run with arguments

The app is terminal-based, so you open it with either Command Line or PowerShell, depending on the version of Windows you are using and your preferences. According to the developer, the tool allows you to format documents, but you need to use a markdown source as the primary argument.

The idea behind the tool is to allow you to conveniently find markdown files in the current directory as well as other locations, as the tool can find local and stashed markdown. Browsing through the files is similar to less, however, if you can access the Help menu for more commands. As far as the stashed documents are concerned, it is worth mentioning that you need to run the tool with arguments. These files can only be accessed locally and their contents are encrypted end-to-end.

You can customize the way the terminal looks by setting a maximum width for the word wrapping or by displaying the CLI interface in your preferred pager. In fact, you can even change the style via the -s flag. In case you do not select a flag, then the app is designed to detect the terminal’s current background color and picks up the dark or light style automatically.

A markdown viewer that lets you enjoy the power of CLI

Glow is a markdown reader designed to bring up the looks and feels of terminals. In the eventuality that you want to discover markdown files, read the documentation for your projects or apps you are testing directly on the command line, then you should consider giving this program a try.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used glow and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂