Generate a custom schedule for one or multiple individuals, with this app that offers direct text input and randomized scheduled intervals

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Staying organized most of the time will require users to employ some sort of schedule, be it manually defined, or automatically generated. Regardless of the choice, establishing the times, events and other relevant details can be challenging, especially if dealing with very busy schedules. In an attempt to provide a customizable approach to the issue, Personality Schedule will allow you to define a random schedule for one or multiple individuals, in just a few steps.

Create a directory, add two text files and edit their contents for initializing the application

In order to start using the app, one will be required to first create a directory to nest the executable, as well as two adjacent text files, which must be named “persons” and “actions”. These two are the main “tools” for adjusting the app’s functionality.

Adding the preferred number of individuals to the first and the preferred events to the latter is the first of the two steps. Simply pressing the “generate” button afterward in the app’s interface will result in the randomized schedule.

Easy handling, but with lack of more adjustability for the event generation process

The amount of customization and control offered through editing the two text files is limited, and the only other, single aspect that can be adjusted is the maximum time frame for the generated events.

However, no means of controlling the random process is offered, meaning that those who wish to create a pattern or organize the events differently than just as a randomized listing, will not have the chance to do so.

Interesting scheduler-app that offers a good way of generating randomized events with associated individuals and times

Although not the most straightforward in use, this schedule generator will allow users to customize the entries in their schedule by directly editing two text documents. Nevertheless, the randomized resulting listing cannot be controlled in any way, and those who prefer a more organized structure might want to seek alternatives.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Personality Schedule and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂