Transform website looks according to your preferences, with this style designer extension that works with both pre-defined or with your own, custom themes

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The appearance of websites can have more subtle effects than you might consider, especially if you spend an extended period of time on particular online platforms. Therefore, having the ability to customize, at least to some extent, the looks of the websites you’re frequently visiting can have beneficial effects, not to mention calm down that OCD of yours, if that’s the case.

For those who need to adjust the appearance of websites, Stylus for Firefox will provide a handy extension that is filled with lots of customization features, both basic and more complex alike.

Create your own website themes, thanks to a built-in editor that accepts CSS coding and offers intuitive controls

At the core of the add-on, lies a built-in CSS editor, which will allow users to basically create, from scratch, a theme for a particular website. What’s even more useful, is the fact that one will be able to apply the resulting design to an URL, domain, or URLs on a domain.

On the downside of things, if we could call it as such, is the fact that working with the editor will require at least some basic understanding of CSS in order to get the fundamentals dialed for any design. This isn’t such a big gripe, but novices must take that into consideration.

Go one step further and adjust the looks of the editor itself, making the website customization process even more personalized

If you’ve nailed down your technique on creating and editing the styles for websites, maybe you’d want even more. Maybe you’d want to customize the editor itself, with a different style. This is provided as a feature, enabling users to adjust the looks of the editor to their requirements.

Lastly, we found that toggling the add-on’s panel is a breeze, allowing one to instantly apply a pre-defined theme to a new website, or start working on a new one.

Purposeful website theme editor, deployed in the form of a compact Firefox extension

Take control of the looks and feel of websites by adjusting their themes, templates, and overall style, with this purpose-fit extension. But bear in mind though, you’ll likely need to learn some basic CSS coding if you wish to achieve truly personalized designs.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Stylus for Firefox and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂