A software solution that can help PDF documents owners remove the password protection from their files, resulting in quicker access to the contents

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Any PDF Password Remover is a handy tool for users who wish to remove owner passwords from protected PDF documents. What needs to be clear from the start is that this application is not a password cracker, meaning that you cannot remove passwords from documents you don’t own or know the credentials of.

An owner password is not in place just to block access to the contents, but also to prevent someone to print, copy, or edit the PDF. This aspect might become a nuisance for individuals who have large amounts of protected PDFs and want to remove those walls in order to have quicker access to their contents.

The application removes the password from one file at a time, but for a faster pace, one can add multiple PDF to the queue. However, each document has to be individually managed, as the passwords are most likely different.

Click a file from the queue to pop up a small window that requires the owner’s password. After typing in the password, the document will change its state from locked to a number that represents the total of pages it contains. Only after unlocking it with the owner password, you can then export it as an unprotected PDF.

Demo version perks

There is an interesting aspect to the demo version of this tool, and that may come in handy for users whose PDFs have no more than three pages. How so? Well, the limitations kick in only if a document has more than three pages, preventing you from exporting the entire file. However, if you have larger PDFs, you should consider acquiring a license.

Any PDF Password Remover is an easy-to-use program that can only be used to remove owner passwords from PDF files, with the help of the actual combination. No cracking or hacking involved; so don’t attempt to break in into copyrighted documents, as the app was not built from that. On the flip side, being able to make full use of the unlicensed version is a major plus for users who meet the conditions mention earlier.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Any PDF Password Remover and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂