Increase the energy efficiency of the Ryzen processors as well as their performance, but without exposing your CPU to damage via this tool

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Clock Tuner for AMD Ryzen (CTR) is a specialized application designed to increase the efficiency and performance of Zen2 architecture AMD processors. The tool has been developed due to the shortcomings promised – but not satisfactory – by the hyped Precise Boost Overdrive Technology.

The tool boosts the system’s energy efficiency automatically

The app does not require installation, as it is portable and hence, you can simply decompress the archive in the desired location. The program comes with a user-friendly interface designed as a dashboard and displays a warning that informs you about the role and consequences of overclocking and undervolting.

According to the developers, the application comes with some sort of AI that scans and recommends the changes that can be made and that do not expose your components to fail. Even though the app is automated, you should know that it does not limit your actions when it comes to customizing the CCXes.

In fact, each core is analyzed and can be adjusted individually, whereas the role of the tool is to solely display multiple-rule algorithms so that you can select the most stable frequencies for all cores. The idea here is that the CCXes are working simultaneously and require an energy balance between them, as otherwise it could lead to hardware failure.

A tool for CPU overclocking, but with several safeguard mechanisms

There are numerous parameters that can be adjusted, as you can easily check out from the Advanced Settings menu. Simply put, you can customize the polling period, cycle time, reference frequency, max frequency, CB20, CCX delta, Max PPT, Max EDC, Max TPC, or Max temperature. On the latter, many benchmarks showed that Ryzen processors are sensitive to temperature and this tends to affect the overall performance negatively.

Despite the number of modifications or customizations you make, you should know that Clock Tuner for AMD Ryzen (CTR) is monitoring constantly and ensures the protection system is active to prevent damage to the processors.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Clock Tuner for AMD Ryzen (CTR) and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂