Due to this application, you can create rich page layouts by just dropping visual elements on your page, without needing to code anything

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Designing a professionally-looking website is definitely hard work, so any help you get is more than welcome.

PageFabric is one of the software solutions you can turn to make sure your pages look both appealing and elegant, without needing to delve into the world of programming.

Microsoft Store application

In order to install this utility, you first need to make sure your computer is running the latest version of Windows, and that you are logged into Microsoft Store with valid credentials.

Download and installation are done automatically, without any input from your side, so you should be able to access PageFabric in no time.

Intuitive GUI

When opening the app for the first time, you can create a new website from scratch and discover the options. Unfortunately, there are no sample projects you could experiment with, so you need to do it with your own project.

You can start by using specifying the title and starting URL, as well as the working folder and the color scheme. The next step is adding all the elements that will store the actual contents of the website.

Numerous element types supported

Once you created one or more pages, you can start adding the elements via drag and drop – in other words, you do not need any expert skills or programming knowledge to obtain a fully working website.

More specifically, you can add buttons, links, cards, containers, banners, multimedia files, text boxes, various types of menus and feedback forms.

You can also choose the screen size you are interested in: full-screen desktop, midsize laptop, or smartphone (landscape or portrait).

To wrap it up

In a nutshell, PageFabric can come in handy no matter the type of website you want to design or how much PC skills you have, The app can even review the website before publishing it to make sure no errors occurred.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PageFabric and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂