Works alongside the Windows firewall to detect attack attempts via the RDP protocol, thus helping you avoid cryptolockers, virus and ransomware infections

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As more and more people work remotely from home, the number of cyber-attacks that target RDP ports increases quite dramatically. Therefore, you should take whatever measures are possible to protect your computer and the transferred data, especially if we are talking about sensitive work documents. You can start by using the RDP Security Manager application, in conjunction with a reliable VPN to reroute your data traffic and a robust firewall configuration.

RDP Security Manager is capable of intercepting traffic, identifying and blocking brute force attacks on port 3389. Provided an IPStack key is available to use the namesake service within the application, the location of the attacker is revealed. The IP address of the attacker is added to the blacklist and the attack is automatically blocked.

Creating whitelists is also possible. Furthermore, you can access your personal control panel on to make use of the tokens system RDP Security Manager implements. To be more specific, the application can help you configure timed single remote accesses from any location. A generated token is valid for up to 24 hours and the system works even with dynamic IP addresses. In other words, both connections via a valid token and whitelisted items in RDP Security Manager allow a secure remote desktop connection.

Purchased licenses for RDP Security Manager offer users a Bitbuster Central account and instant access to the control panel, where they can manage remote connections easier. With the help of this application, you can minimize the exposure to brute force attacks via the RDP protocol and secure your remote connections.

System requirements

  • Windows Firewall enabled

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used RDP Security Manager and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂