A straightforward graphic tool with a simplistic manual operation that can help you with removing watermarks from any image or photo

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Watermarks are generally used by authors, content creators, or any other individual who want to brand their work, advertise, or protect it. However, if you come upon watermarked images you want to keep for personal use, those logos won’t do any good. Removing them can be done in multiple ways, Remove Watermark + being one of them.

Drag and drop the photos in

The best way to add a file is through the drag and drop function, even though the UI sports a button for manual selection. Of course, that does not mean that the Add Images button is of no use, as the only way to load more than one photo is by using it. Adding batches of images through drag and drop is not possible, thus both ways of adding items balancing themselves out.

Removing watermarks

If you’re thinking that this application will automatically detect and erase a logo, you are mistaking. The removal process is manual, meaning that you have 100% control over how it goes.

Erasing a logo can be done by drawing a red rectangle over the text in question. Here’s where the curious part comes in, as any other piece of text that gets caught inside the rectangle will be erased. Why? Because the app seems to behave like a general eraser, sweeping through everything except the background. That’s why you should be careful when removing stuff, especially form between characters or image details you want to preserve.

One way to easily erase logo parts from within tight areas is to use the integrated zoom function. This way you can zoom in a photo up to 200%, allowing yourself to work on the smaller bits way better.

To sum it up

Remove Watermark + can indeed remove watermarks in no time, but it does that by removing any pixel that doesn’t resemble the background. In short, if you have good eye-hand coordination this app can be of help to you, but if you lean toward a more automated operation, you might not like it.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Remove Watermark + and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂