Comprehensive software collection put together for people who work with multiple command-line tools and console programs at the same time

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SuperConsole is a bundle of software put together specifically for advanced users who need to rely on console emulators, terminal emulators, and shell-based tools and plugins.

It bundles ConEmu, MSYS2, Mintty, Zsh, Git for Windows, grml-zhs-config, Antigen, and a collection of agkozak-zsh-theme projects. The main idea behind SuperConsole is to make the lives of advanced users a lot easier thanks to its customization and everyday-use configuration.

The list of customizations (up until this point) includes a pre-configured ConEmu version with various pre-set settings, ConEmu/zsh configured to restore previously opened tabs and shell working directories after it has been restarted, the usage of Mintty as a ConEmu child GUI in order to run MSYS2 zsh, Antigen used for zsh theme and configuration management.

Furthermore, SuperConsole also features various zsh plugins pre-programmed to complete, highlight, and display history. Git-for-Windows repository with Git and GIt LFS support for the MSYS2 environment, Nano as the main editor (with full nano syntax highlighting enabled), custom helper scripts added to ConEmu and MSYS64 are also part of the package.

For more information about the project and the full list of customizations (and potentially future ones), users can visit the official repository on GitHub.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SuperConsole and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂