There are many reasons why a user might wish to synchronise his or her smartphone with a personal computer. Whether for redundancy or excess security, this can be a useful option to consider. Android PC Sync Manager is an excellent tool which can transfer data to and from a personal computer. In fact, Android Sync for Windows is also able to organise all content so that important data can be accessed when required.

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Features and Options

Android Sync for Windows currently offers more than 600,000 applications for download (some are free and some are paid). Games, documents, images and videos can all be sent to different folders to clean up a home page. It is even said that many paid apps can be downloaded for free, an obvious benefit for those who may be looking to install cutting-edge software.

Extra Privacy

Another benefit associated with Android PC Sync Manager is that it does not store any information in the cloud. On the contrary, data is shared via the use of a standard USB cable between two devices. This can help to add an extra layer of security for those who may be concerned about compromising sensitive data.

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