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AceProject is a web-based project tracking solution, which lets you manage end to end projects. It has a selection of superb project management tools that are accessible within one simple, streamlined app, which has been optimized for task management.

AceProject is a total project management solution for all manner of users; individuals, teams and large firms. It lets you take total control over workflows and is capable of encompassing all types of projects with the various tools and features that are on offer.

Time Tracking
With AceProject, you can record and track time across all your projects. This can be done either by making use of the built-in timer or you can manually enter any worked hours. Time can be designated as either billable or non-billable, and is recorded onto weekly time-sheets, which each employee submits for review and approval. As soon as a time-sheet is approved, it may be used to generate time reports. These are personal time reports, individual project time reports, and multiple-project time reports.

Project Templates
A useful feature of AceProject is that it allows you to create project templates. These can be made from scratch or from pre-existing projects. Template are great time savers, because all of the template’s task groups, types, priorities, dependencies, and statuses are then automatically copied. Templates can be either dynamic or static; dynamic project templates can be used as live projects, while static templates may only be used as a template.

AceProject uses a freemium, subscription pricing model. It also has a free trial that is available with no credit card required. Plans start with a free Basic plan, which is good for 5 users, 50 tasks, 2 projects and 250 MB of online storage. Next up is the Standard plan, costing $19 per month, followed by the Advanced plan at $39 per month. The next two plans are Silver charged at $59 per month, and the Gold plan charged at $99 per month. With each plan you can have up to a specific number of users and is not priced per user. If you need to change your plan, either upwards or downwards, then this can be undertaken at any time you need.

Bottom Line
AceProject is a ‘Jack of all trades’ solution that can be implemented in numerous environments for a variety of different users. It has a great set of tools for project managers who want to successfully plan, monitor and implement their work.

In comparison to similar software, AceProject is a feature-rich web-based project management app, which is simple and easy-to-use. That having been said, the interface can be tricky to navigate, particularly if you are not used to this type of platform. Unfortunately, another notable downside to AceProject is the lack of integrations with other services such as Google Drive, Salesforce or Quickbooks. This is a shame as for the rest of AceProject, it is quite a solid solution and can be utilized by small-to-medium sized businesses, who can take advantage of the powerful features and affordable pricing structure.


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We at appsformypc have tested and used Aceproject and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂