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High quality phone support is a superb way to help small businesses improve customer relationships. Aircall has developed a solution that enables SMBs to be closer to their customers, regardless of their physical location, by using local phone numbers.

Not only does Aircall provide SMBs with local phone numbers in 30 countries around the globe, it also offers advanced phone support features, such as call cascading for teams, shared call inboxes and follow up lists, call queueing, shared contacts, and analytics. Aircall business users can make and receive calls via desktop and mobile.

Shared Call Inboxes
Aircall’s Shared Call Inbox feature allows users to view a complete background of any call. If a follow up call is necessary, any member of the team has all the information they need to make the call. Once the call has been returned, it can then be archived.

Aircall’s dashboard allows you to view your shared call inbox. Here is where you will see a list of all the calls that your team has received from potential customers, along with follow up information. Calls can be returned and marked up via desktop or mobile app.

Shared Contacts
Aircall has a number of tools that are designed to increase collaboration. Shared Contacts is one of them. With Shared Contacts, users are able to share the contacts they create with other departments and teams. This, in turn, lets everyone know exactly who is calling when the phone rings, leaving nobody in the dark.

Along with Shared Contacts, Aircall also offers a Private Contacts feature, which allows you to keep some of your contacts private. This could be beneficial if you have VIP clients or customers who fall under strict data protection rules.

Local Numbers
A superb feature of Aircall is that it offers users local phone numbers in 30 countries. This is a really useful feature, as rather than calling a national toll free number, customers can dial local telephone numbers when they contact a business, which uses Aircall. This results in customers feeling as though they’re really working with local businesses, even though the business may be actually located somewhere else, across the globe.

Configuring Local Numbers with Aircall is an easy affair. You simply review the country coverage, and then select a local (or toll-free) number. The service allows you to port existing phone numbers to Aircall, and then route any new numbers to the same location. All incoming calls are able to be answered from your desktop or from a connected mobile device

Aircall uses a subscription based pricing model, with plans starting from $12.00 per user, per month. For this price you get a professional welcome desk & all features of the collaborative app. The Premium plan is priced at $24 per user per month. For this price you get all the Starter plan features plus queuing, integrations, Analytics, and Click2call. Finally there is the Enterprise plan, priced at $48 per user per month. For this price you get all the Premium plan features, plus salesforce and custom integrations, advanced analytics and custom reporting. Aircall also provides a free trial available on request.

Bottom Line
Aircall is great way to provide quality phone support for SMB’s, and it’s ideally suited towards startups and customer support teams. With top features including call cascading, local numbers, and shared inboxes, you can see why many SMB choose Aircall as their go-to phone-support option.


We at appsformypc have tested and used Air Call and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂