Pitivi is an open source, non-linear video editor that uses the GStreamer framework. Pitivi supports OGG Video, WebM, and a range of other formats. Additionally, more support for for video formats is available via gstreamer plugins. Pitivi is also tightly integrated with the GNOME Desktop, so the UI will feel at home among the other newer applications on Fedora Workstation.

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Basic Editing

Pitivi has a wide range of tools built-in to allow quick and effective editing of your clips. Simply import videos, audio, and images into the Pitivi media library, then drag them onto the timeline. Additionally, pitivi allows you to easily split, trim, and group parts of clips together, in addition to simple fade transitions on the timeline.

Transitions and Effects

In addition to a basic fade between two clips, Pitivi also features a range of different transitions and wipes. Additionally, there are over a hundred effects that can be applied to either videos or audio to change how the media elements are played or displayed in your final presentation

Pitivi also features a range of other great features, so be sure to check out the tour on their website for a full description of the features of the awesome Pitivi.

We at appsformypc have tested and used Pitivi and it worked pretty smoothly  🙂 🙂