SnapPea gives you the ability to explore your Android from your computer, making it easy to transfer files and manage all your applications. You will be able to control your phone or tablet remotely using this accessible and efficient tool.

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The program offers all kinds of possibilities: you can organize your contacts, music, and photos comfortably from your desktop, write and send text messages, or import your music from iTunes to Android with just a click so you always have your music with you.

snappea-11882-1SnapPea is a great synchronizer for Android. You can load apps from your desktop to your phone or tablet by just dragging and dropping them into the device – it’s that simple. It’s also possible to install/uninstall them from either machine.

maxresdefaultSnapPea also makes backup copies of the information contained on your smartphone or tablet so that you don’t lose anything.

Capture2In short, this is a practical tool for any Android user who wants to use their computer to more easily administer their devices.

We at appsformypc have tested and used SnapPea and it worked pretty smoothly