AVG PC TuneUP has a smart, modern look. It Runs a scan – which takes a while to complete though it does display a graphic indication of progress – and you’re presented with an easily read dashboard display showing which areas need attention. Sadly, when you click on an item for more detail, the style of the application proves to be inconsistent.

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As well as dealing with browser data it cleans up system logs and caches, looks for registry problems and broken shortcuts, helps manage startup and shutdown, and checks for disk fragmentation. There’s an automatic maintenance option and a performance advisor that offers tips for speeding up the system – by disabling background tasks, for example. The program can also produce a monthly optimisation report.

Again, bulk discounts are available when buying for multiple systems. With its useful tips and clear interface, this is a good choice for non-technical users.


  • Smart and modern interface
  • Built-in performance advisor

Status and Recommendations

The Status and recommendations category houses four sub-sections: 1-Click Maintenance, Performance Optimizer, Fix Problems and Live Optimization. The 1-Click Maintenance section runs multiple routine maintenance tools at once. The Performance Optimizer and Fix Problems utilities are intended to provide tips to identify and fix potential problems and increase performance, such as disabling unnecessary visual effects and disabling or removing unused Windows services and programs. Live Optimization, according to the application’s author, is intended to improve the responsiveness of Windows applications by tweaking their execution priorities.

System optimizations

The Optimize system section includes TuneUp Program Deactivator, which unloads programs from memory and prevents their further automatic execution, an alternative to uninstalling them. While disabled programs continue to consume disk space, they no longer affect the startup time, the shutdown time and the system performance. Other components include a defragmentation tool, a registry cleaner, and a startup manager to replace MSConfig.

Disk cleanup

The Gain disk space section itself is a disk cleanup component which replaces Windows Disk Cleanup. It also gives access to TuneUp Disk Space Explorer (a disk space analyzer) and TuneUp Shredder (a data erasure tool).

Troubleshooting tools

The Fix problems section provides access to TuneUp Repair Wizard which allows users to selectively repair problems that TuneUp Utilities cannot automatically detect, e.g., icons getting corrupted or items like My Computer and Recycle Bin having permanently vanished from Windows Desktop.

Also in this category, there is TuneUp Disk Doctor. It can check the integrity of files stored on hard disk drives and salvage damaged files. It can also scan for physical defects known as bad sectors and isolate them. TuneUp Disk Doctor is a graphical replacement for Windows CHKDSK.

Other items include a task manager, a system information tool and an undeletion tool.

Windows customization

The last section provides access to TuneUp Styler and TuneUp System Control. TuneUp System Control is a program that allows access to some of the obscure or harder-to-access settings of Microsoft Windows, similar to Tweak UI. TuneUp Styler allows for customization of the Windows user interface by changing the desktop appearance, icons, and the logon and startup screens.

Turbo Mode

The Turbo Mode, accessible from the bottom of Start Center, gives system a performance boost by temporarily disabling some of Windows services and features of the user’s choice, such as Windows Aero themes and visual effects. As reported on numerous sites on the internet (reference topic: AVG Turbo Mode System Restore Error), one of the Windows features, System Restore, is no longer accessible in this mode and provides an error code when attempting to access this feature requiring an AVG reset to “Standard Mode” to re-enable this feature. Some have reported that prior restore points are deleted when “Turbo Mode” is activated; However, this is not confirmed, and has been reported to AVG IT for correction for some time now.

Economy Mode

The Economy Mode accessible from the bottom of Start Center reduces battery usage by closing background programs and underclocking the CPU.

Duplicate Finder

The Duplicate Finder comes with version 14. It is accessible from the “CLEAN UP” tab located in Start Center, which finds and removes cloned photos, music and files which could be wasting hard drive space.[7]

Flight Mode

The Flight Mode is an extended version of the Economy Mode but also disables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used AVG PC TuneUP and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂

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