A modern, convivial and free music serve. Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server

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Unlimited music

Funkwhale is designed to make it easy to listen to music you like, or to discover new artists.

  • Click once, listen for hours using built-in radios
  • Keep a track of your favorite songs
  • Playlists? We got them

Clean library

Funkwhale takes care of dealing with your music.

  • Import music from your personal library
  • Many supported extensions : flac, mp3, ogg, opus
  • Get quality metadata about your music thanks to MusicBrainz
  • Covers, lyrics, our goal is to have them all 😉

Easy to use

Funkwhale is dead simple to use.

  • No add-ons, no plugins : you only need a web browser
  • Access your music from a clean interface that focus on what really matters

Your music, your way

Funkwhale is free and gives you control on your music.

  • The plaform is free and open-source, you can install it and modify it without worries
  • We do not track you or bother you with ads
  • You can invite friends and family to your instance so they can enjoy your music and even contribute growing it

You’re interested? Some things are still missing to make the project easily installable, but this is moving fast. You can check the documentation, or even help by contributing to the project !

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Funkwhale and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂