JDownloader is a free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Users can start, stop or pause downloads, set bandwith limitations, auto-extract archives and much more. It’s an easy-to-extend framework that can save hours of valuable time every day.

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Most people use their Web browsers for downloading files, but a browser isn’t always the best tool for the job. If you are trying to download a YouTube video, or a very large file that may take hours, an external download manager might do a better job than your browser. JDownloader is one such download manager, and since it is Java-based, it works across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Once you’re in JDownloader , you have one of the world’s most sophisticated download managers at your disposal.JDownloader can be used as any general-purpose download manager, and it also supports dozens of file hosts such as RapidShare and others. It can monitor the clipboard and parse any URL you copy into it to see if it contains files that could be downloaded. If you feed it with a YouTube link, it lets you download the video in any resolution offered on the page.

JDownloader is built from the ground up to deal with file hosts that do not let you pause downloads; that’s why its “pause” functionality doesn’t actually pause the download altogether, but slows it to a crawl, letting you use your bandwidth as needed. It also has a built-in extension system, and extensions can be installed from within JDownloader itself (much like jEdit, a Java-based text editor). There are extensions for unzipping downloads automatically, scheduling downloads to begin at certain times, and more.


  • Automatically extracts downloads
  • Support for numerous file hosts
  • Timed downloads can begin unattended

JDownloader provides several Addons.

JD Ubiquity Addon

If you’ve got the amazing Ubiquity installed, a popup should appear asking for your permission to install the JD Ubiquity-Command.
To use the Addon you (still) have to turn on the JD Clipboard-Detection.

Simply open Ubiquity and enter “jd”. Everything else is self-explaining.

JDTray Icon Light

JDTRayIcon Light enables JD to get minimized to tray instead of the taskbar. It implements a tray-menu with the most important features of JDM.

JD Scheduler

There is a scheduler addon which allows you to set times where JDownloader should

  • Start/stop downloads
  • Set Speedlimites
  • Allow/Disallow Reconnects

JD Unrar

This addon comes by default with JDownloader. JDUnrar is a wrapper for the unrar freeware. It enables JDownloader to extract archives automatically after download.

JD Shutdown

This addon is able to shut down your system after downloads have finished. Alternative functions can be configured.

We at AppsForMyPc have tested and used JDownloader and it worked pretty smmothly 🙂 🙂

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