Zulip is a group chat app.

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Its most distinctive characteristic is that messages are threaded by topic, helping you have long-running, organized conversations. Zulip’s threading makes it easy for people not always on chat (like managers, remote team members, contractors, part-time workers, etc) to weigh in on questions and decisions, and for people in different timezones to effectively communicate. It also makes it easy to catch up on the 100s of messages a day that are typical for a busy user; since you can easily skim or ignore the threads that aren’t relevant to you.

Full-History Search
Search is both snappy and smart, helping you look for text, people, and threads of conversation, with advanced search operators for fine-grained control.

Team Presence and Buddy List
See who is online at a glance.

Inline Image, Video, and Tweet Previews
Send a link and we’ll automatically generate an inline preview.

Fine-grained control over mobile, desktop, and email notifications
Stay informed in real-time without being overwhelmed.

Lightweight markup
Syntax highlighting, bulleted lists, clickable links, inline images, and more.

Private and public streams
Enjoy the benefits of threaded conversations while controlling your audience and privacy.

Hundreds of integrations
Get alerts and updates from your favorite services with off-the-shelf integrations for Jira, Trac, Nagios, Github, Jenkins, and more.

One-on-one and group private conversations
Have private conversations with one or as many people as you need.

Zulip is always receiving messages for you, even when you’re logged out.

Drag-And-Drop File Uploads
Drag a file into the compose box and we’ll upload and preview it for you. Sharing and discussing work with teammates has never been easier.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Zulip and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂

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