A powerful, yet simple to use screenshot software. Features a free draw tool, arrows, lines, circles, and other tools for editing screenshots you take. Screenshots can be uploaded to Imgur, saved to a local file, or copied directly to your clipboard to easily paste in other programs. Many configuration options are available, such as hiding icons or changing the colors used in the program. Flameshot is also open source, so experienced developers can help improve the program.

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Customizable appearance.

Easy to use.

In-app screenshot edition.

DBus interface.

Upload to Imgur.


Experimentally Gnome Wayland and Plasma Wayland support.

If you are using Gnome you need to install the TopIcons extension in order to see the systemtray icon.

In order to speed up the first launch of Flameshot (DBus init of the app can be slow), consider starting the application automatically on boot.

Press Enter or Ctrl + C when you are in a capture mode and you don’t have an active selection and the whole desktop will be copied to your clipboard! Pressing Ctrl + S will save your capture in a file! Check the Shortcuts for more information.

Execute the command flameshot without parameters or use the “Launch Flameshot” desktop entry to launch a running instance of the program without taking actions.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Flameshot and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂