Native Instruments Traktor DJ



Create mixes in seconds with the TRAKTOR DJ app for iOS. Touch and manipulate music as waveforms on your iOS device using hand gestures you already know. This isn’t just an app – this is as close to the music as it gets.

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Auto tempo detection makes track syncing effortless while iTunes integration turns your library into a virtual crate to dig through. TRAKTOR PRO’s acclaimed sync engine keeps tracks locked together so mixes hit hard – every time.


Create stunning, fluid mixes with TRAKTOR DJ’s 2-channel mixer and two fully-featured virtual decks – each with dedicated 3-band EQ and filter sections.

Pro-grade DJ effects add powerful options for breakdowns, build-ups, and seamless transitions. The TRAKTOR DJ app also recommends songs in your iTunes library based on the key and tempo of the playing track, ensuring the smoothest transitions.


Improvise like never before with the SuperSlicer add-on – available for purchase in-app*. Slice up your tracks and deconstruct loops using Scratch, Brake, Reverse, Slice or even Pitch-Shift effects. SuperSlicer introduces a whole new way to remix.


Intuitively manipulate detailed waveforms with familiar swipe and pinch gestures. Grab a waveform with two fingers and set loops with a simple two-finger pinch, then deactivate it with a quick two-finger tap.

Activate Freeze Mode to slice a track into playable parts and remix it on-the-fly. Set cue points, scrub, browse and navigate TRAKTOR DJ just like you would with TRAKTOR – with just the swipe of a finger.


What’s different in the iPhone version? Almost nothing – it’s essentially the same app optimized for iPhone’s screen and packed into an ultra-compact workspace. 

View both decks simultaneously or use the convenient slider to expand a waveform to full-screen size for intricate, ultra-tactile beat slicing routines. Rock a set right from the palm of your hand.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Native Instruments Traktor DJ and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂