Sumo Paint is a powerful image editor with a long-standing history as a fully capable Photoshop clone in the browser. Being designed for the browser, it’s accessible on practically any system and loads much faster than most comparable desktop tools while still providing core commercial features like layer-based editing with layer effects, multiple built-in filter effects and color adjustment tools.

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Over 300 Brushes
The software includes over 300 high quality brushes in it’s brush galleries. Some of the brushes are even animated! You can also create your own brushes.

Shape Tools
Sumopaint has the best shape tools. You can create different shapes very fast with our innovative shape creators.

Sumopaint online community gives feedback to your publicly shared images. You can also participate to our contests and events online.

Offline Creativity
You can use Sumopaint offline. All the work can be saved to your computer in sumo’s own file format which also supports layers and layer effects.

Always up to date
Sumopaint checks for updates every time the software starts up. This way you’ll allways have the latest tools, brushes and filters ready for action.

You can also create beautiful symmetrical creations. Experiment with symmetry points, gravity and modes to get exactly the result you want.

Gravity option smoothes the drawn line to curves, making it easy to create abstract and beautiful artwork. You can also combine gravity with symmetry.

Gradient Editor
The gradient tool has a beautiful collection of preset gradients. You can quickly edit the gradients hue, saturation and brightness directly in the gradient editor.

Layer Effects
Sumopaint has a full support for the standard non-destructive layer effects. Layer effect includes drop shadow, inner shadow, glow, bevel etc.

Sumo File Format
Sumo file format supports layers and layer effects. It uses a powerful, non-destructive compression algorithm to keep its file size to a minimum.

Perpective Mapping
The Perspective Tiling filter maps the image on a endless plane of tiles. It’s great bumb mapping feature enables the creation of mountainous landscapes.

Cube Designer
Wrapping image around a cube. There are tons of atributes to mess around with. You can rotate the cube and change it’s proportions, target lighting etc.

Linear Blur
In the Linear Blur filter the blur effect gets more intense as the distance from the center increases. This lets you easily mimic the “depth of field” effect.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SumoPaint and it worked pretty smoothly  🙂 🙂

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