Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation


It is used to connect remotely to any computer and also allows you to transfer files with any HTML5 compatible browser.

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Connect to remote computers

One of the notable features of this program is its use of the HTML5 protocol. Specifically, the application must be installed only on the server side, i.e. on the target machine, while anyone wishing to connect remotely must only employ an HTML5-compatible browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other popular navigator.

This being said, it must also be stated that the tool offers no methods to bypass the Windows security checks and, as such, one must provide valid user credentials to access the target computer – if applicable. Also, the program allows users to define their own password checks, to exclude any unauthorized access.

Employ any HTML5 compatible browser on the client side

These are good security steps, as, once installed and running on the server side, anyone with a browser can potentially connect to the computer (another layer of protection would be the specific IP and port values used to create the link).

All these technical, but useful digressions left to the side, once connected users are free to use most of the host computer’s resources, including running programs and creating new shortcuts. Downloading and uploading files are supported operations and one can adjust various settings, such as the image quality and the network protocols employed.

Since client users connect via their favorite browsers, all the intrinsic preferences can be customized and all the default paths are employed for downloads.

All in all, a powerful client for RDP and VNC connections that prevents unauthorized access through several layers of security.

To conclude, Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation is a valuable tool for anyone regularly relying on remote utilities to connect to computers. It features a common server-client architecture but relies on browsers to allow connections, which is a highly accessible and elegant solution.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂