UwAmp is a Wamp server whose purpose is to help you manage and run Apache and MySQL servers directly from its interface using a set of straightforward features.

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Impresses with its clean design
The tool delivers a clean feature lineup and puts at your disposal quick settings for starting or stopping the servers.

You also get to monitor the status of Apache and MySQL servers, as well as CPU stats with the aid of real-time graphs.

In addition, the program reveals information about your IP address and lets you know if you use the latest version of UwAmp. A log, which is embedded at the bottom of the main window, keeps track of all actions and possible errors.

Server configuration options
UwAmp lets you select the preferred PHP version, tweak PHP extensions and settings, and install new PHP version from the official server.

When it comes to setting up the Apache server, you can choose between an offline and online mode, and configure virtual server and modules. You can also set up MySQL authentication parameters.

Extra tools to play with
You can make use of an additional set of features for opening the localhost page via your default web browser, opening the folder where the utility is stored, working with an XDebug client, accessing PHP information, and enabling an SQLite database browser.

General configuration settings
You are given the freedom to automatically start the servers upon launching UwAmp, detect Apache and MySQL running from another package, check if the port is used, get public IP addresses, configure an external text editor, as well as automatically restart serves when the configuration files are changed.

The final verdict is that UwAmp makes the running of Apache and MySQL servers an effortless process. You should know that the tool is not a resource hog so your computer’s performance is not hampered. In case you want to skip the installation steps, you can have a look at Portable UwAmp.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used UwAmp and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂

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