Adios – Shutdown Timer


A neat and straightforward application that lets you schedule shutdown, restarts, locks, log off and hibernates for your system at any time

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If you want to schedule shutdowns, locks or other system actions and you’re are not comfortable with the system’s “Task Scheduler” or “Run” then you can try Adios – Shutdown Timer, a dedicated application that will do exactly what is advertised, auto-shutdown.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

The UI is uncomplicated and lightweight. After you open it the main tab is displayed. A clock, several control buttons and the tabs of every action supported are going to be found inside the “Shutdown” panel.

Besides, there are two essential tabs. “Settings” and “?” are the ones where you can find the app’s options and the help page where you can read about the tool’s capabilities.

Change language and pop-up delay

From the settings tab, you can choose between English and German languages as well as a small field that set up the time interval between the app’s pop-ups.

Also, there are two-time limit options that can be used to set up a real-time interval for the app’s functionality. For example, if you create a restart schedule and you only need it for one month, set them a time limit from the starting day to the next 30.

Create a direct desktop button

If you want to have a swift reach to a button that will shut down your PC, then you can tap on “Desktop” from the main tab, and a red icon will be placed on the desktop. Use that button every time you want a quick shutdown.

Handy shutdown manager

In conclusion, Adios – Shutdown Timer is a smart tool that can schedule a system shutdown and the rest of actions covered by the operating system. Recommended for all users that are searching for an alternative to the OS’s task scheduler.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Adios – Shutdown Timer and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂