An Open Source project that helps users to easily, quickly and efficiently remember facts

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Anki is an open source, free, user-friendly and cross-platform graphical software implemented in Python and designed from the ground up to help users remember facts, such as phrases or words, in a foreign language.

Features at A Glance

Key features include a built-in synchronization service that promises to keep your flash cards in sync across all of your devices, support for a wide variety of multimedia files, including images, audio and video clips, as well as scientific markup that can be included in the flash cards.

Flexibility is another important feature of Anki, as the user can customize the program to act and look as he/she sees fit, or to optimize it to handle decks of more than 100,000 cards. In addition, the software comes with a powerful plugin-in architecture that allows the user to easily extend its default functionality.

With Anki, you will be able to learn a new language, memorize long poems, study law or medical exams, memorizing people’s faces and names, practice guitar chords, as well as to improve your geography skills.

How Anki Works

The application is quite simple to use and comes with an intuitive user interface. Based on flash cards, the software efficiently tracks how well you remember each fact, then it uses the gathered information to optimally schedule review times.

Being based on a theory called spaced repetition, and with a minimal amount of effort, Anki can help you to greatly increase the amount of material you remember. You will be able to remember anything, anywhere, more efficiently!

Under the Hood and Supported Operating Systems

Anki is a platform-independent software, written entirely in the Python programming language. This means that it is supported under all GNU/Linux distributions, as well as on the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS operating systems. Currently, the 64-bit and 32-bit hardware architectures are supported by Anki.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Anki and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂