Powerful Features For All DJs

Mixxx integrates the tools DJs need to perform creative live mixes with digital music files. Whether you are a new DJ with just a laptop or an experienced turntablist, Mixxx can support your style and techniques of mixing.

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BPM, Key Detection and Sync

BPM and musical key detection help you find the perfect next track from your library. Use master sync to match the tempo and beats of four songs for seamless mixing.

DJ Controller Support

Built-in mappings for DJ controller hardware gives you hands-on control of Mixxx’s features. Use the programmable mapping system to customize your workflow and add support for any MIDI or HID device.+


Add your unique spin to tracks with sound effects. Get creative by chaining multiple effects together and twisting all their knobs.

Vinyl Record Control

Use turntables with timecode vinyl records to control playback and scratch your digital music files as if they were pressed on vinyl. Mix music vinyls into your set by toggling vinyl passthrough mode.

Friendly Community

Mixxx is developed by an international community of DJs, programmers, and artists. Because Mixxx is free (as in freedom and price), open source software, anyone can contribute to making Mixxx even better—including you!

You can get involved with Mixxx today by reporting bugs and suggesting features, making a controller mapping, adding features & fixing bugs, helping with translations, or working on one of our other starter tasks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Mixxx and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂