A File Compression Application Which You Can Easily Use to Reduce the Size of Images, Videos or Pd Fs in Order to Save Disk Space

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When you want to make some room on your hard drive but don’t want to give up any data, a good solution is file compression. This is usually done by archiving (or zipping), but it can also be done by directly transforming a file into a smaller usable version of itself.

The process can be especially useful for multimedia files, which tend to have a size directly proportional to their quality. So if you really want to keep most of your movies and pictures on your PC, but don’t feel like buying an external drive, then you could try using ApowerCompress.

Intuitive multimedia compression tool

Even if you never used a file compression app before, you won’t have any trouble understanding how ApowerCompress works. Basically, the program compresses three file types: images, videos and PDFs. You don’t have the possibility to convert audio files, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since there are plenty of applications that can already do that and they tend to get very specific about that process.

ApowerCompress is more of a tool for casual users, who don’t really need pictures or videos with huge resolutions. Thankfully, not all the compression methods that you can choose from have a noticeable impact on your files’ quality.

A customizable compression process

Images and PDFs can be compressed by using one of three settings – Size, Normal and Quality. By selecting on of these options, you basically tell the program to either make a file as small as possible, or to keep as much of the file’s original quality. Video files only have the Size and Quality options, but the application also allows you to select the output resolution for your new files (the maximum being 1080p).

Even if it’s limited to only certain multimedia files, ApowerCompress is still a fast and versatile tool that can be very useful when you want to share your videos or images on various websites with file size limitations. However, if you’re just looking to save disk space, then you’ll probably do just as well with one of the many free file archiving tools that are easily available.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used ApowerCompress and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂