Update the Content Within Your PowerPoint Presentation with Excel, Databases and Text Files by Relying on This Handy, Powerful Add-In

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Generating complex PowerPoint presentations can be a tedious task unless you have reliable tools that can simplify your work.

DataPoint Standard Edition is one of the utilities that helps you generate advanced presentations by allowing you to link your presentation to various data sources.

Please be aware that, since it is a PowerPoint add-in, it requires the host application in order to function properly.

Easy to install PowerPoint add-in with a wide variety of functions

This tool can be installed without difficulty, as it does not require any additional configuration on your part, thus providing you with increased overall accessibility.

After setting it up, you can view and use its functions from the PowerPoint ribbon. It comes with a wide spectrum of advanced features, which can disconcert novice PC users.

However, this add-in was designed to help users enhance their presentations by linking them to several data sources. Therefore, you need medium to advanced computer operating skills to benefit from its functions entirely.

Connect various data sources to your presentation in an easy manner

You can rely on this add-in if you want to bind several data sources to your PowerPoint projects in an efficient manner. DataPoint Standard Edition supports a wide spectrum of items, such as Microsoft Access database files, Excel documents, text files or RSS feeds.

More so, after attaching a file to your presentation, you can change information within your project by adjusting the data sources according to your needs. The data within your presentation automatically synchronizes with the sources you specified.

Scrolls data that does not fit on a single page

Furthermore, you can toggle scrolling features in case the information enclosed within a database does not fit on a single presentation page. Also, you can create snapshot presentations that use the most recent information from disconnected data sources.

To sum it up, DataPoint Standard Edition is a powerful, reliable add-in that allows you to enhance your presentations by linking them to various data sources. The information automatically gets updated, thus providing you with a wide spectrum of capabilities regarding PowerPoint projects.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DataPoint Standard Edition and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂