Prevent Keyloggers from Stealing Sensitive Information by Monitoring Key Presses, with This Lightweight and Fully Portable Application

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Keyloggers that have found their way onto your hard drive can monitor your key presses and send private information to other parties, including account names and passwords.

Ghostpress is a simple, intuitive application that protects you against these attacks by hiding all keyboard activity, preventing keyloggers from spying on your actions. It also comes with a handy desktop widget that enables you to start or stop the service with a single mouse click.

Portable application that leaves no traces behind and can be deployed very easily

Ghostpress can be launched from any location, even USB drives or other such devices. It does not need to be installed beforehand, so you can use it to secure your activities on multiple machines.

Your preferences are saved in a file that is stored in the application’s folder, so there is no need to customize the settings again when running the program on another computer.

Straightforward anti-keylogger that hides keyboard activity

When the application’s security module is enabled, keyloggers are prevented from recording key presses. It does not limit your actions in any way, and it even offers protection against low-level keyloggers.

Of course, the program cannot find and remove malicious software, but it is a great tool for those who alternate between multiple computers and want to ensure their actions are not being monitored.

Offers a helpful desktop widget

Ghostpress provides you with an alternative method of controlling the protection module, as you can send the application to the system tray and start or stop the service with the help of the desktop widget.

The widget’s dimensions and visual style can be customized, and you can also specify if it should remain on top of all other windows.

To sum up, Ghostpress is a lightweight, reliable utility that can hide your key presses, preventing keyloggers from gathering potentially sensitive information. It is very easy to use, unobtrusive and fully portable.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Ghostpress and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂