Manage Multiple SQL Server Instances, Set up Database Engine and Connection Queries, Specify Advanced Execution Settings, and More

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Administering SQL Server instances is a job for professional users who have both the knowledge and befitting tools. Designed by Microsoft itself, SQL Server Management Studio is an advanced application that aims to provide its users with all the necessary functions to carry out this task successfully.

This package is tailored for SQL Server (including the latest version), Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse, providing the ability to manage the database engine instances, allowing the quick management of databases and their contents.

Perform routine database management tasks in SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio can be connected to an Microsoft SQL Server instance by simply supplying the correct credentials. Once connected, the schemas for each databases are displayed in tree view in the Object Explorer and can be easily browsed.

All the routine database management tasks can be performed with the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Thus, you can create new database and expand the current tables by adding new rows, or new columns. The application enables you to modify, rename, and delete records, manage tables and views, filter data, and import data from external resources.

Built-in SQL editor with an integrated debugger

The integrated SQL editor of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio features syntax highlighting, allowing you to write scripts and execute them against a database. Furthermore, you can work on multiple scripts at the same time, each opened in a separate tab.

Not just that you can run scripts with SSMS, but you can also use it for parsing and debugging your code. Moreover, the application features advanced tools for query tracing and analysis, as well as statistics gathering. It also collaborates with other SQL Server tools to ensure quick and easy database management.

The go-to database management tool for SQL Server users

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is the database management tool that integrates perfectly with SQL Server so that no third party application is required to manage the contents of SQL Server databases. Combining a powerful feature set with a well-organized layout, it is fit for any database administrator, regardless of their previous experience.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂