Plays Standard Midi Files and Enables You to Visualize the Dataset and The Piano Keyboard in 3 D or 2 D, While You Enjoy Listening to The Song

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MIDITrail is player for standard MIDI files that brings a bit more to the table: aside from enabling you to listen to MIDI files stored locally on your computer, it can display a 3D piano keyboard that plays the audio, which makes it a great instrument to include in your learning toolkit.

The application is compatible with multiple MIDI ports and provides support for the SMF format 0/1, allowing the 3D and 2D visualization of loaded MIDI data. At first start, it automatically selects the MIDI port, but you can then change the settings using the ‘Option’ menu.

Once the file is selected, the program displays clear instructions on usage, showing all the available commands and the assigned keys. Alternatively, the monitoring function offers you the possibility to use a real MIDI keyboard for playing a song.

MIDITrail features playback controls to help you pause, play, repeat and stop the song whenever you want to. Furthermore, you can adjust the playback speed and jump forward or backward.

The piano keyboard is displayed, along with each note, its position and length, all on top of a starry night sky. The main window also comprises details concerning the file duration, the pitch bend motion, beat and the total number of played and remaining notes. There are various view modes you can choose from and the window size is configurable.

What is interesting is that you can use the keyboard and the mouse to change the 3D perspective and zoom in or out to view the piano and the notes from practically any angle. The cursor keys help you go back and forth or turn to the right and to the left, just like in a game. Also, you can rotate the view with the mouse wheel.

Having ease of use as one of its main characteristics, MIDITrail can prove useful for music creators who want to work with MIDI files in a more interactive environment.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MIDITrail and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂