A Handy Solution Specially Designed for Users Who Want to Generate Php Scripts from Various Databases Such as Access or Postgre SQL

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With the help of PHPMaker, programmers can quickly generate PHP scripts from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and SQL Server. It includes a handy set of features for manipulating queries.

The interface is user-friendly. You can get started by configuring database details when it comes to the type, server, port, and login credentials.

In addition, you can set up PHP parameters when it comes to page options (e.g. records per page, use button drop-down for links, enable export in List page) and email settings.

In regard to HTML code, you can edit the title, charset, font, site icon, header logo and footer text, as well as customize the theme (e.g. site header, left column, footer) and styles.

Last but not least, you can log in with administrative credentials, use an existing table, alter default locations for the template files, application root folder and destination, as well as generate a blank page.

PHPMaker allows you to synchronize tables and views, create, alter or drop a view, convert a custom view to a view, add reports, as well as delete invalid objects, among others. It is also possible to add extensions and configure advanced settings (e.g. compress project CSS and JS, validate NOT NULL fields, default time zone).

The program contains tutorials, has a good response time and uses low CPU and memory. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, as the app did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. All in all, PHPMaker is a nice addition to any PHP developer.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PHPMaker and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂