Make Sure that No Advertising Site Can Track the Content that Interests You the Most when Browsing the Internet by Modifying the Browser Cookies in Real Time

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Despite the fact that it does not seem malicious and it is done under the umbrella of providing better user experience, the truth is that little is known about who tracks your activity and what type of information is collected about you.

WEBNoTrack is a tool dedicated to intercept, alter and delete tracking cookies that are grabbing data about your browsing habits without your consent.

Works quietly as a Windows service in the background

Following a straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a rugged and minimalistic interface that displays a handful of options, namely starting, stopping, disabling and restarting the protection service. In case the service is not running when launched, then a potential solution is to make sure you open it with administrator rights.

The program works with popular browsers that operate smoothly on the newest versions of Windows, meaning Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge as well as the Flash Player that is integrated into the latter two. The idea for the app is to run as a Windows service and monitor cookies at the system level.

Blacklist or whitelist frequently accessed domains

Considering that obfuscating the domain name is a common practice among advertisement agents, it is easy to understand how you can get tricked to click links that include tracking agents. Nevertheless, since not there are situations when you want sites to keep your preferences, the app enables you to classify domains accordingly.

More precisely, you can include the sites that you commonly visit in the whitelist, so that the cookies belonging to that domain are not inspected or changed. Generally speaking, this is preferable for social media or banking sites where you want to preserve login information or preferences.

It goes without saying that if you blacklist a domain, all cookies generated are changed or deleted in real time to prevent any tracking. The greylist domains work similarly as the whitelisted wit the difference that tracking information is destroyed once you exit the browser.

A utility that helps increase your privacy by reducing tracking

If you value your privacy and want to ensure that no information is collected about you without your knowledge, then perhaps WEBNoTrack could be worth a try.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used WEBNoTrack and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂