WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software


Monitor the Performance, Uptime, and Downtime of Your Websites, Web Applications, and Infrastructure Using This Professional Program

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WebWatchBot is a professional monitoring application for websites, web applications with transactions, and infrastructure. It can be used by administrators who want to supervise their sites’ performance and uptime status, in order to resolve issues as soon as they occur.

SQL Server and Internet Information Services (IIS) are required. The program features a watch explorer with filters for suspended, running and inactive websites, HTTP and HTTPS pages, databases (internal network and server), transactions, SMTP and POP3 email, FTP clients, disk usage and performance count, among others. A transactwion recorder is integrated as well.

It’s equipped with email notifications, a scheduler, and various pie charts which demonstrate the uptime and downtime, along with failing and watch items, in addition to a wide range of statistics, such as the number of times an item was checked, alarm status, or the last response text. In this regard, it’s possible to generate detailed reports for further analysis and comparison.

Customization options are available for the interface, such as menus, toolbars, and grid headings. It can run as a Windows service and start minimized.

Make sure to check out the complete user documentation for more details on how to work with WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used WebWatchBot Website Monitoring Software and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂