A Customizable and Modern-Looking Desktop Environment that Replaces the Standard Windows Desktop, Providing Easy Access to Folders and Settings

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If you don’t really fancy the standard Windows looks, then you are probably looking for ways to customize and personalize it. A shell replacement is the path to choose in this case, as it can replace the main elements on the Windows desktop without too much hassle.

Cairo Desktop is one of the solutions you can opt for in this regard. This application brings to the table a revamped desktop environment for Windows, aiming to simplify the access to important tools, options, and applications, streamline your workflow and enhance your overall productivity.

A refurbished desktop environment with a new taskbar

Once installed, Cairo Desktop completely transforms your Windows desktop, offering you new user experience. First of all, the traditional Windows taskbar is replaced with a new one that might remind you of the MacOS Dock.

The taskbar stores a list of all the running tasks, including folders opened in Windows Explorer. One of the perks of the new taskbar is the way it organizes running applications. At launch, Cairo Desktop enables you to define custom program categories containing applications grouped by type. These categories are preserved in the taskbar, making it easier for you to find and switch to a specific running program.

Organize your apps into custom categories

If we are talking about functionality, the top bar is similar to the Start Menu, offering access to applications on your computer. The “Programs” menu is organized exactly as you wish, in categories that make sense to your workflow.

The most accessed places, such as the pre-defined Windows folders, or the Recycle Bin, are available in the “Places” menu. A list of the documents that were recently opened and the latest downloads are displayed in the designated menus.

A new desktop shell for your Windows computer

Cairo Desktop provides more customization possibilities when working with the Windows desktop. Moreover, it gives the standard desktop environment a new, stylish look that can replace the Windows shell permanently if you would like it to.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cairo Desktop and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂